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  • You must be currently active in Life Group. If you are not in a life group, you are not eligible to be a mission trip participant.
  • Youth will need approval from their Youth Pastor and Life Group Leader and must meet requirements set up by the Youth Ministry Team.
  • You must be currently living a Godly life, demonstrating faithfulness and fruitfulness by being involved in ministry to others.
  • You must have an up to date Passport – make sure it will not expire within 6 months of the start date of the mission trip.
    **If you do not have a Passport – apply NOW!
  • You are required to participate in all Mission Trip Training Classes.
  • You must turn in your Mission Trip Application, a copy of your Passport (or order yours NOW), and Reference Forms (one from your Life Group Leader and one from your Community Pastor) by the required date.(Required dates for each trip will be provided on a separate information sheet).
  • All payments must be turned in by the due date.
  • Non-Celebration Members will be considered on an individual basis.

This is a general application to start the process and to provide information about the procedures and what to expect. Approximately 2-3 months prior to leaving for the mission trip, we will provide the following information: deadlines to purchase airline tickets; flight information; deadlines to pay deposits and balances due; dates for training classes, and more details about the types of ministry you will be doing.

2018 Mission Trips Deposit Payment
2018 Mission Trips Application

Upcoming Mission Trips For 2018

Dates: February 8-14 (Mardi Gras Break); May 22-29; July 10-17; November 13-20
Cost: $1500
Ministry Focus: Local Church, Evangelism, Food Bag Evangelism, VBS

Dates: June 22 – June 29
Cost: $1400
Ministry Focus: Local Church, Evangelism, VBS

Dates: June 19-26
Cost: $1400
Ministry Focus: TBD

Dates: June 28-July 6
Cost: $1300
Ministry Focus: Local Church, Evangelism, Orphan Care, VBS,

Dates: July 12-19
Cost: $1600
Ministry Focus: Evangelism, VBS, Local Church

Dates: September/October 2018
Cost: Airfare + $1200
Ministry Focus: Pastoral Training, Village Ministry, Evangelism, Local Church

Dates: November 6-13
Cost: $1500
Ministry Focus: Evangelism, Local Church, Food Box Evangelism, Feeding Station

Dates: September 4-14
Cost: Airfare + $1000
Ministry Focus: TBD

Dates: November 7-17
Cost: Airfare + $1350
Ministry Focus: Slum Ministry, Local Church, VBS

Querida Familia de Iglesia Celebration

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