Connecting Point – April 6, 2023


Hello Church, I'm excited about our upcoming Good Friday and Easter Weekend services at Celebration Church. I really believe God is going to use these services to bring lots of hope and help to many people. So I'm counting on you bringing your family and friends with you so they can experience Jesus' transforming power in their lives, circumstances and relationships.

I'm also excited to be standing here in our newly renovated River Parishes worship and ministry facility in Laplace. This facility was totally devastated by Hurricane Ida, as were the homes of many of our River Parishes members. But Pastor James and our River Parishes Campus rebuilding team have done a tremendous job of leading this rebuilding effort. Can you imagine the joy and victory that's going to be experienced on Friday night and Saturday morning as hundreds of people gather here to celebrate the Lord and what God has done? It's going to be incredible. And we believe that similar feelings of joy and victory are going to be experienced at all of our Celebration Campuses in our services on Good Friday and Easter Weekend.
By the way, Our Campus Pastors and I want to send out a huge thank you for the pledges and gifts we received from the Celebration family for the 52 Challenge, our offering emphasis for our Hurricane Ida rebuilding efforts. Your giving has already made an impact. Our Westbank campus building plans are moving forward, significant work is underway at our Kenner campus, and this weekend, our River Parishes campus has officially moved back into their renovated facility. At Celebration, we've learned that where God guides, He always provides. and He is certainly doing that through our people at Celebration Church.

We look forward to seeing this Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday at Celebration Church.

Jesus Changes Everything,
Pastor Dennis Watson
Lead Pastor, Celebration Church
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