Connecting Point – January 10, 2024


One of the top questions I'm often asked as a Pastor is, "Why can't I change?" The person asking that question will often say, "I want to change. But I don't know how to change, and I don't know if I have the power to change." We go to seminars and conferences looking for something that is going to zap our lives and change us by instantly giving us self-discipline. Or we go on diets or join health clubs or take up some exercise regiment, planning to make some significant health changes in our lives. But then we fall back into the same old bad habits and ways. We read self-help books, but the problem with self-help books is that they tell us what to do but they can't give us the power to do it. They say things like, "Get rid of all your bad habits, be positive, not negative." But how? Where can we get the power to change? How can we break out of the mold or rut or dysfunction that we find ourselves in?

The good news is that the Lord can and wants to give us the power to change what needs to be changed in our lives. The Apostle Paul wrote in Ephesians 1:19-20, "I pray you will begin to understand how incredibly great His power is to help those who believe Him . . . the same power that raised Christ from the dead." Paul was telling us that God has the same power that resurrected Jesus from the grave to change our lives, circumstances and relationships. That's what we're going to be learning about in our IT'S TIME TO CHANGE sermon and LIfe Group series that begins this coming Sunday. We're going to be learning about God's power that's available to change the most difficult person we know - ourselves.

So, I want you to make every effort to join us this Sunday as we begin IT'S TIME TO CHANGE. Join us in-person if you can, or join us online if you can't make it in-person. And since you know others (friends and family members) who need to experience the transforming power of Jesus in their lives, circumstances and relationships, ask them to come with you or join in with you. IT'S TIME TO CHANGE!

Already this week many people are experiencing some physiological, emotional, mental, relational and spiritual changes because they've joined us in our beginning-of-the-year Prayer and Fasting Emphasis. There is still time for you to join us if you're interested in deepening your relationship with the Lord, receiving revelation from Him, or experiencing miracles in your life or the people you're praying for.

Some people are "fasting" 1-2-3 meals a day from now through lunchtime on January 21. Others are participating in a Daniel Fast (no wheats, meats or sweets), and some are fasting from other things like social media, watching television at night, etc.
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The purpose of "fasting" is to use our additional time that we typically use for eating to read, study and pray and get closer to the Lord so that we can better hear from Him and be empowered by Him. To learn more about prayer and fasting and how you can participate, go to

This week we're resuming our Midweek Discipleship and Leadership Classes at our Celebration Campuses. To learn more about your Campus' Midweek Discipleship and Leadership training opportunities, go to your Campus Facebook Group Page, or contact one of your Campus Staff members. Let's all pursue spiritual growth and development as we begin this new year.

This week we're also resuming our Life Groups after taking a break in December. Life Groups are small Bible study groups that meet in homes, coffee shops, workplaces, schools and in other places as well. They typically include 4 to 15 people who meet together weekly to study God's work (in a discussion format), encourage one another, pray for and with one another, and help one another become stronger in their relationship with the Lord. Great friendships and ministry engagement result from people being involved in a Life Group. If you're not in a Life Group, I encourage you to get connected with one as soon as possible. You can do that by talking with your Campus Staff about your desire to get involved or a Life Group, or you can find one by going to Becoming a part of a Life Group will be one of the best steps you can take to make 2024 a year of strong spiritual growth.

Let us help you make 2024 your best year ever as you grow stronger and stronger in the Lord.

Let's all "get changed" by the Lord in 2024.
Pastor Dennis Watson
Lead Pastor, Celebration Church
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