Connecting Point – January 3, 2024


This past Sunday I asked the Celebration Congregation I was worshiping with to write out some ways that the Lord blessed them in 2023. And I was blown away by how many responses that were received, and the nature of those responses. Here are some of the responses that I read.

  • “God has blessed my health, He has provided for me, He has removed everything that was robbing me of peace, and He has taught me more about myself.” (BP)

  • “God brought me home from prison and provided for my family while I was away, and He gave me a great job and enabled me to come home before my father passed.” (TW)

  • “God enabled me to pass the LSCW Exam, and blessed me with 2 new jobs.” (BB)

  • “God blessed me with a successful surgery and healing and provided for me and my family while I was going through all of that.” (LN)

  • “God enabled me to lose 70 pounds and make remarkable improvement in regards to overcoming depression.” (MB)

  • “God blessed me with physical and mental health, my 2 sons now have wonderful wives, I was able to raise my house and get much needed maintenance done, I was involved in a great Life Group, and I’m able to worship God with a great Church family.” (DH)

  • “God enabled me to develop a stronger relationship with Him, I received A’s and B’s at school, I received a new job, and the Lord has blessed me financially.” (AA)

  • “The Lord has brought supernatural peace to my life and allowed me to get good grades, and provided a living place for my family.” (LG)

  • “God has provided for all my bills, a steady job and my sister’s life has been spared from near death.” (AR)

  • “My mom finished her cancer treatments, and I received 2 pay increases.” (RS)

  • “I got married to a faith-filled man, and stayed sober.” (EH)

  • “God has used me to bring others close to Him and blessed me with a new home.” (DG)

  • “The Lord blessed me financially, healed my heart and made me a new person.” (BH

  • “God is restoring my marriage, healed my husband from his cancer spreading, is working in my childrens’ lives, and has blessed me in so many ways.” (LK)

  • “I got baptized, got into nursing school, and I’m now free from people I don’t need.” (CF)

  • “The Lord delivered me from sickness 3 times, gave me a new job, and allowed me to share His word with many people.” (DH)

  • “God greatly reduced the taxes I owed, kept our business steady, and my family’s heart for God has grown tremendously.” (KD)


There were many other testimonies about God’s faithfulness in regards to healing, provision, protection, restoration of relationships, etc. These testimonies serve to remind us of what we teach and preach every week at the Celebration Campuses and in our Life Groups - that the Lord is still in the people-loving, prayer-answering, miracle-working, life-restoring, relationship-reconciling, healing and delivering business. And as you join us in the coming weeks I believe that you will see the Lord do greater and mightier things than you’ve ever experienced or envisioned for your life.Let me ask you - “What kind of blessings or changes would you like to experience in 2024?” We’re going to be addressing that question in the coming weeks as we begin our IT’S TIME TO CHANGE emphasis on Sunday mornings and in our Life Groups. This coming Sunday’s message is titled, Preparation For Change, where we will be learning how to position ourselves to experience more of God’s transforming power and provision in our lives. Be sure to join us on this first Sunday in 2024 as we kick off IT’S TIME TO CHANGE.

In our Midweek services this week, we’re going to be having a Night Of Worship And Prayer at our Celebration Campuses. These special times of extended praise and prayer will enable us to draw near to the Lord, experience His presence in powerful ways, and begin the process of experiencing His power in new ways in our lives. Check out your Campus Social Media pages to find the day and time for your Campus’ Night of Worship And Prayer.

This coming Sunday we will also begin our annual beginning-of-the-year Prayer And Fasting Effort. From January 7 (following lunch) through January 14 we’re encouraging all Celebration attendees to participate in some way in this annual Prayer And Fasting Emphasis.
For more info click HERE

Participating in “fasting combined with prayer” emphases helps many people to draw closer to the Lord, receive direction from Him, become healthier spiritually and physically, and see miracles take place in their lives or in the lives of those they’re praying for.  Some people will “fast” 1-2-3 meals a day for the 14 days. Others will participate in a Daniel Fast (no wheat, meats, or sweets), and some will fast other things like social media, watching television at night, etc. The purpose of “fasting” is to use this additional time to read, study and pray and get closer to the Lord so that we can better hear from Him and be empowered by Him. For more info, go to

Finally, I want to remind you that we are still receiving our 2023 Christmas MIssions Offering.  This years offering will go directly to support: 

  • The building of 5 houses for homeless families in Guatemala

  • 6 months of funding for our Life Transformation Center that ministers to children, teens, and senior adults in New Orleans’ Hollygrove/Dixon community

  • The construction of a village Church worship facility in Kenya

  • Training for 800 Pastors and Church Leaders in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic

  • Benevolence Funding for the elderly and disadvantaged of our region

  • Supporting the Baptist Village ministry in Israel that is housing displaced people

  • 100 Celebration Missionaries as well as 2469 North American Mission Board missionaries and 3552 International Mission Board missionaries

You can give online at (select your campus, then designate Christmas Offering) or by using the Christmas Missions Offering envelopes that are found in our Worship Centers. For more information about the Christmas Missions Offering and its intended recipients, go to

Let’s all “get changed” by the Lord in 2024.
Pastor Dennis Watson
Lead Pastor, Celebration Church
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