Connecting Point – July 26, 2023

This past Sunday our Pastors and I preached about the importance of being an active participant in a Church family, and I was reminded that several years ago I asked our people what they loved about Celebration Church. Here are just a few of the hundreds of answers that I received.

  • "Celebration Church has been a place of healing and discipleship for me. This Church has cared for me when I could do nothing for myself, and allowed me to get involved in ministry to others once God had renewed my strength."

  • "Through Celebration Church I have met the most precious life-long friends who helped me through a painful divorce, and helped me to grow closer to God. I met my new husband here. Together our family has grown so much."

  • "The Lord Jesus through Celebration Church has saved and changed my life."

  • "Through Celebration Church I have been discipled and trained by godly individuals that have helped me to become a minister to others."

  • "Celebration Church has been our family. They have loved us unconditionally.  We have grown in Christ and in relationships with others.  Thank you Lord, for using Celebration Church to accept me and love me where I was, and to challenge and empower me to become all You want me to be."

  • "I have found, for the first time in my life, a true community of spiritual brothers and sisters. The spirit of love, acceptance and learning about Jesus is always available and remarkable here."

  • "The ministry of Celebration means that I never have to be alone." Even though I live alone, there are always Life Groups to visit, Christian activities to be involved in, and lots and lots of friends."

  • "I have been a member of Celebration Church almost from the beginning. I love this church because the pastors, leaders and members practice what they preach. When I had an operation, ladies brought dinners to me during my healing time. The ministers have always been available when I needed them to pray with my dying father and bring him to salvation. This church and ministry helped me through my divorce. I thought my world was ending but through prayers and divorce care I realized I had hope. I wasn't alone through this terrible time. I had mentors to help me through the painful process of healing. I will forever be thankful to the people of Celebration. God loves this church."

  • "I thank God that I am in a Bible-believing Church that is focused on reaching and meeting the needs of people throughout our city. I'm also thankful that even in a large Church such as ours there is always a personal touch and lots of compassion and love."

  •  "Since I've been coming to Celebration Church, my life has completely turned around!"

  • "I have never been to a Church that shows so much care and love to people that are hurting."

  • "I love Celebration. My children love Celebration. They don't want to miss a Life Group meeting or a Worship Service. God has brought 'new life' to my family."

  • "This church has been the door - the connection for my family and me to come to Jesus Christ. It and the leaders of my church have opened my eyes, changed my heart and brought me into a whole new life. My church is the catalyst that brought us real life. The people are amazing, welcoming, loving and supportive.

  • "If it were not for Celebration Church and the awesome people here, I would be here with my husband and children. The Lord has saved our marriage and our family."

This past week I encouraged some newer people to post why they loved Celebration Church. Here are several of those posts.

  • "Celebration feels like family from the moment I walk through the doors. And that feeling continues as I meet with other Celebration members in Life Groups."

  • "I love my Church family because I ALWAYS leave feeling better than I did before I arrived."

  • "I prayed a long time ago for God to speak clearly to me. I am amazed at just how clearly and consistently He speaks through the Celebration Church Pastors and Family. Thank God for the opportunities to grow in faith, discipleship and service."

  • "I visited other churches, but when I first entered Celebration I was immediately uplifted and felt at home. Everyone is always welcoming, helpful, positive and kind. I like that the sermons make the Bible easy to understand and implement into modern life while still holding the meaning of the text. After service at Celebration I am always filled with the Spirit of God and motivated to strengthen my relationship with Him and follow His word. Celebration Church is a great community that I'm grateful to be a member of."

If you would like to share with us what you love about your Celebration Church family, you can send your statement to And if you would like to view and listen to this past Sunday's message, go to We love all of our Celebration members and attendees, and look forward to hearing from you.

Crescent City Christian School is a ministry of Celebration Church that is located at 4828 Utica Street in Metairie. Crescent City Christian School is a place where kids from six weeks old through the 12th grade receive an age appropriate, quality academic education based on the principles and priorities found in God's Word. We offer a very diverse program including sports, music, drama, art, band, foreign languages and classes to prepare students to face the ever-changing world around them. At Crescent City Christian we believe that we are pioneering the next generation of Christian leaders. So, I encourage you to check out Crescent City Christian for your students. You can schedule a tour or a meeting with our Administrator, Ricky Rigsby, by calling 504.885.4700, or by emailing him at

We also have openings for children in our Crescent City Christian School (2701 Transcontinental Drive) and Celebration (2001 Airline Drive) Early Learning Centers. To learn more about those openings, contact us at 504.885.4700, or

August 13 is FRIEND SUNDAY at Celebration. And for FRIEND SUNDAY we are encouraging all of our children, teens and adults to bring friends with them to our Sunday services. On that day we will have special activities for children and pre-teens, and we will begin a new sermon series titled, FRIENDOLOGY. Start thinking now about the hang-out friends, work friends, long time friends or even crazy friends that you want to bring with you on FRIEND SUNDAY. Make a list of those friends and start praying for them. Then, invite them via text, phone call or social media message to come with you to Celebration on August 13.  The Lord wants to use you to help your friends experience the transforming power of Jesus in their lives, circumstances and relationships. So be sure to pray for and reach out to them this week.

This Sunday (July 30) at our Celebration Campuses we will be participating in Communion together and continuing our Connect More sermon series. Plan to join us, and encourage friends and family members to come with you.

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