Connecting Point – June 14 , 2023

I recently meditated on two Scripture verses that reminded me of how much we need the Lord's direction and help in our lives on a daily basis. Those two verses are found in Psalm 127:1-2, where we read: "Unless the Lord builds a house, the work of the builders is useless.  Unless the Lord protects a city, guarding it with sentries will be no good. It is useless for you to work so hard from early morning until late at night, anxiously working for food to eat; for God gives rest to His loved ones."

Let me ask you, "Do you ever struggle with an attitude of 'self-sufficiency' or 'self-reliance'?" There are many people in our world who have received Jesus Christ into their lives and know their eternal destiny is Heaven, that live "self-sufficient" or "self-reliant" lives.  Although professing to have surrendered their lives (their ambitions, attitudes, and actions) to the Lord, they daily make decisions and live their lives without consulting with the Lord, trusting in their own intellect and abilities to get them through life.  Have you ever operated your life like that? I have, and I would presume that most of the people I know have as well.

The Psalmist points out in our text that nothing we build, construct, or develop in life is secure, successful, and satisfying unless it is initiated, directed, and empowered by the Lord.  That means our financial, educational, and vocational plans won't be completely successful unless they are initiated, directed, and empowered by the Lord.  Our relationship plans won't be completely successful unless they are initiated, directed, and empowered by the Lord.  And even our physical and spiritual plans won't be successful unless they are initiated, directed, and empowered by the Lord. The direction, provision, and protection of the Lord is necessary for us to experience strength, security, and success in every arena of life!

In What Areas Of Life Do You At Times Fail
To Seek God?

So, I also want to ask you, "In what areas of life do you at times fail to seek God's direction and empowerment?" Do you seek the Lord's direction and provision for your daily schedule of activities, and if so, when do you do that? Do you seek the Lord's direction and provision before entering into conversations with others, or before choosing programs or movies you are planning to view? Do you seek the Lord's direction and provision concerning decisions you need to make in regard to your family, your work, your ministry, or friendship relationships.  The Bible says, "There is wisdom in a multitude of counselors" (Proverbs 11:14).  There is even greater wisdom in not only conferring with godly and mature Christians when making decisions but conferring with the "Wonderful Counselor" when making important decisions (if not every decision) in life. I believe that if we would simply begin to develop the habit of asking the Lord, "Lord, what do you think about this?" before we make decisions on a daily basis, we would save ourselves grief over bad decisions and reap much joy from our God-directed decisions.

So, "What insight and intellectual advantages does the Lord have over you and me in regard to the crucial arenas of life?" Does the Lord know more than we do about finances, careers, and educational opportunities?  Does the Lord know more than we do about relationship success?  Does the Lord know more than we do about physical and spiritual health?  Since the answer to those questions would be "Yes," it is always wise to confer with Him in order to seek and do His will. If we believe that the Lord knows best and desires the best for us, we should have a desire to continually rely upon His strength, knowledge, and ability rather than our own strength, knowledge, and ability.
"Without Me, You Can Do Nothing."
John 15:5
Jesus said in John 15:5, "Without Me, you can do nothing." He didn't say, "Without Me, you can do many things, some things, or even a few things." He said, "Without Me, you can do NOTHING well." When we learn, believe, and begin living by that principle, we are on our way to security, success, and satisfaction in our lives. So, as you pray today ask the Lord to show you arenas in your life where you need to consult with Him more, and pray for Him to show you how to better consult with Him. Also, ask the Lord to forgive you for the times you haven't consulted with Him, and ask Him to give you revelation and direction for going back and undoing some of "your decisions" so that you can implement "His decisions." And pray for the Lord to show you today the decisions He wants you to make, the schedule He wants you to keep, and the relationships He wants you to build and develop. Unless the Lord builds our lives, marriages, families, careers, etc., everything we do is in vain.  May what happens in our lives today and in the future be initiated, directed, and empowered by the Lord!
This past Sunday was All In Baptism Sunday at Celebration, and 93 people in our worship services took the step of "baptism by immersion." If you weren't here last Sunday or if you want to be baptized in the coming weeks because you really have committed your life to Jesus, just let one of our Staff or Leaders know and they will set you up to be baptized soon. To learn more about "baptism by immersion" go to or go to our Digital Worship Guide at and click on the My Decision tab.

This coming Sunday at our Celebration Campuses we will be honoring and celebrating Fathers, and giving gifts to all men who attend our services. We will be honoring birth fathers, stepfathers, and stand-in-the-gap fathers. If you have such a "father" in your life, encourage them to come with you to Celebration this Sunday. And if you're one of those types of "fathers", ask those "children" or "grandchildren" in your life to come with you. Father's Day is going to be a great day of encouragement and blessing at Celebration Church.

One event that you may want to put on your calendar is our UNIFY Conference planned for July 15. This Conference will include general sessions and breakout sessions led by guest speakers who will be addressing Biblical justice and unity issues. You can learn more about the UNIFY Conference and register for it at

Jesus Changes Everything,
Pastor Dennis Watson
Lead Pastor, Celebration Church
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