Connecting Point – March 13, 2024

When we make the effort to personally invite someone to an activity or event, there is always a "risk" and a "reward." For example, if a guy decides to personally invite the girl he recently met to get a cup of coffee or to dinner and a movie, that's a risky thing to do. She may say, "No thanks, I'm not interested." But she also may say "Yes," which may lead to them forming a relationship that lasts for a lifetime. The "reward" could be worth the "risk." But there is not going to be a chance to assess whether or not the "risk" is worth the "reward" if there is no personal invitation, because no young lady is going to respond to a generic invitation.

If a leader personally invites you to accept a key position on the new team, you would have to consider the "risk" and the 'reward." The invitation is filled with possibility. It may develop into a mutually profitable relationship that lasts for years. But there is no guarantee that the fit would be a good one. So, you would have to weigh the potential "risk" and potential "reward" while making a decision regarding the opportunity. The fact that the invitation is personally given would cause you to seriously consider the opportunity presented to you.

What I'm saying is the reason the moment of personal invitation is so powerful is because of the "personal" component. Non-personal invitations come to us in a steady stream through all sorts of media. Virtually all advertisements make some sort of "ask" or offer some type of "invitation." Some are effective, some not so much. These invitations have become like background noise in our lives. Yet, the equation changes significantly when one individual personally invites another individual. Risky? To be sure. Filled with possibility? Yes, incredibly so.



Now think with me about inviting people to come to our Church. It's one thing to get a mailer, or see a yard sign, or get an email blast, or see a Facebook post, or read a tweet, or hear something on the radio, or watch something on TV. It's entirely different if someone I know and have some relationship with invites me personally. Such a personal invitation will, of course, need to include the essential information: when, where, what, what to expect, etc. But the most important part is the "personal" part.

A personal invitation to an Easter service at Celebration may include something like this: "I really want you to come with me to an Easter Service at Celebration Church. I receive so much hope and help in my life when I attend, and I think that attending will encourage you as well. And after the service, we can go to lunch together, or set up a time to get together. And by the way, I wouldn't invite you to something that I didn't think wouldn't be meaningful to you. So, are you willing to come with me?"

Having that brief conversation with someone is risky, But the possibilities could be life-changing. So take some risks this Easter and really go out of your way to personally invite some friends, relatives, associates, and neighbors to come to a Celebration Easter service with you. The "reward" will be worth the risk" if the person or people you invite experience the healing, delivering or transforming power of Jesus in some way in their lives. They will spend eternity thanking you for loving them enough to take the risk to personally invite them to come with you.

In our Easter services, people will receive encouragement from God's people, God's Word and God's Spirit - and many will experience the transforming work of Jesus in their lives. Show your love for the people around you by asking them to come with you to our Easter services.

Here is our Church's schedule for Easter week and Easter weekend, which will help you as you encourage friends and family members to come with you to our Easter services:

All of our Campuses will have a special Good Friday service. At this service, we will reflect on the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, and what that means for us in our day. We will also participate in Communion in this service.

Some Campuses will have an Easter Saturday service. This service will benefit people who will be working or attending family events on Easter Sunday. And those Campuses will also have some sort of fun activity for children after the service.

All of our Celebration Campuses will have multiple Easter Sunday morning services. At these services, we will be singing great songs and learning from God's Word about the hope we have today because Jesus rose from the grave. We will also begin a new sermon series titled, MAKE LIFE COUNT.

Knowing when these services will take place will help you as you personally invite friends and family members to come with you to our Easter services.

Our Pastors and I are asking all Celebration Members to consider attending an earlier Easter Sunday morning service so there will be plenty of seats and parking for the later services. Since the Lord loves seeing people begin a relationship with Him, He will have a special fondness for those who are willing to make sacrifices so that others can have the opportunity to respond to Him.

Most of all, be praying for our Staff, Leaders and Ministry Volunteers as we prepare for our Easter services. And be praying for our Easter services to be filled with God's presence as well as lots of people. Because we know that when the Lord "shows up," He "shows out," transforming people's lives, circumstances, and relationships with His power.

Pastor Dennis

Gratefully yours,

Pastor Dennis Watson
Lead Pastor, Celebration Church

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