Connecting Point – March 27, 2024

"Is there any hope?" was the message heard by a deep sea diver after a Navy submarine sunk to the bottom of the ocean after a collision with a Coast Guard ship. The submarine broke the surface just in time to receive a deathblow from the Coast Guard boat passing over it. The submarine, with its crew of forty, sank in less than five minutes. It came to rest more than one hundred feet below on the ocean floor. Rescue attempts, though primitive in 1927, began at once. But due to impossible weather, it took twenty-four hours for the first diver to descend to the wreckage. As soon as the diver's feet hit the submarine's hull, he immediately heard tapping. There were survivors, alive, trapped inside. Pounding out Morse code on the hull with a hammer, the diver discovered that six crewmen had survived the collision. Efforts were renewed to reach these men before it was too late. But again, the weather would not cooperate. Every attempt at rescue failed. With their air supply dwindling, the six survivors tapped out in Morse code a final haunting question, "Is there any hope?" For the crew of the submarine, hope would not come soon enough. It was three months before the Navy was able to raise the vessel.

There is Hope for all who put their
faith in Jesus Christ


The question those trapped sailors asked is the question the whole world is asking. "is there any hope? Is there any hope for my life, for my circumstances, for my relationships and for life beyond this life?" And we Christians are glad to respond "Yes there is hope because Jesus rose from the grave and lives today!" The Apostle Peter said, "In God's great mercy He has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead" (1 Peter 1:3-4). We have hope for today, hope for tomorrow and hope for the future because Jesus has risen from the grave. We have hope for being reconciled with God, hope for being healed from our sorrows, hope for being freed from our strongholds, hope for being helped with our struggles - all because Jesus has risen from the grave and He lives today.

And by the way, not only is there hope for us - but there is hope for all who put their faith in Jesus Christ. Which is why we urge our people to bring friends, family members, co-workers, schoolmates, neighbors and people they interact with to our Easter Weekend services.

Here is our Church's schedule for Easter week and Easter weekend, which will help you as you encourage friends and family members to come with you to our Easter services:

All of our Campuses will have a special Good Friday service. At this service, we will reflect on the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, and what that means for us in our day. We will also participate in Communion in this service.

Some Campuses will have an Easter Saturday service. This service will benefit people who will be working or attending family events on Easter Sunday. And those Campuses will also have some sort of fun activity for children after the service.

All of our Celebration Campuses will have multiple Easter Sunday morning services. At these services, we will be singing great songs and learning from God's Word about the hope we have today because Jesus rose from the grave. We will also begin a new sermon series titled, MAKE LIFE COUNT.

Knowing when these services will take place will help you as you personally invite friends and family members to come with you to our Easter services.

By the way, our Pastors and I are asking all Members to consider attending an earlier Easter Sunday morning service so there will be plenty of seats and parking for the later services.

Most of all, be praying for our Staff, Leaders, and Ministry Volunteers as we prepare for our Easter services. And be praying for our Easter services to be filled with God's presence as well as lots of people because we know that when the Lord "shows up," He "shows out," transforming people's lives, circumstances, and relationships with His power.

Remember, Jesus Changes Everything!

Pastor Dennis

Gratefully yours,

Pastor Dennis Watson
Lead Pastor, Celebration Church

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