Connecting Point – May 15, 2024

"What God can do when we fully surrender our lives to Him is beyond amazing." Those were words that Missionary Steve Kern shared with our Church Staff during our Staff Development Time yesterday. Steve and his wife Pam were the first missionaries supported by Celebration when we became a Church family. Steve was a relatively new Christian and a chemical engineer working in the New Orleans area when he went on a Mission Trip to El Salvador with one of our founding members, Evangelist Leo Humphrey. Later on he returned for another mission trip to El Salvador. Eventually Steve and his wife Pam felt the Lord calling them to go be missionaries in that nation, even though it was undergoing a civil war, and even though they'd had no real missionary training. And there in El Salvador , and the Lord has worked through them in incredible ways these past 35+ years.

In the 35+ years Steve and Pam have been in El Salvador leading Good News In Action Ministries they've been able to lead over 400,000 people to faith in Jesus in that nation, and start many new Churches and train thousands of Christian leaders there. Through their ministry, Good News In Action, that was founded by Leo Humphrey, they've also been able to launch Churches in Columbia, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. What God has done through this former chemical engineer and atheist and his wife has been nothing short of incredible. And the good news is that the Lord can perform similar works in, for and through our lives when we are willing to do what Steve challenged our staff to do - fully surrender our lives to the Lord."

If you would like to learn more about Steve and Pam Kern, go to If you would like to learn more about Celebration sponsored mission trips this year to Costa Rica, Guatemala and Kenya, go to Again, the Lord will accomplish great and mighty things in, for and through our lives when we fully surrender to Him.

The Lord is doing a great work here in 2024 through our Celebration family. Our attendance has been steadily growing this year as evidenced by the fact that we had 750 more people attend our Mother's Day services this past Sunday than we did in 2023. We've also had 640 salvation in our worship services, and baptized 160 people (and we typically don't start baptizing a lot of people until we get to the summer months). And we're closing down on the build-out of our new Westbank Facility, which should provide us with another growth spurt when it's completed. So the Lord is working in mighty ways in and through our Church family. Keep attending, keep praying, keep serving, keep inviting people to our Church services, keep sharing your faith, and keep making a difference for the Lord where you work and live. And as you and I do those things, we will see God using us to accomplish incredible works for His kingdom just like He's done through Steve and Pam Kern and Good News In Action ministries.

Beth Moore Celebration Church

The Living Proof Conference, led by renowned Bible teacher Beth Moore, will take place June 21-22 at Celebration on Airline. Women from Churches within our region will be joining us for what will be an incredible weekend of worship, learning and spiritual growth. Ladies, you can register yourself and your friends at Tickets are $90 per person, $50 for students, or $75 for groups of 10 or more.

Other upcoming events at Celebration include:

  • Promotion Sunday (June 2) - when our children move up in our ministry to new classes that will help them in their spiritual growth

  • All-In-Baptism Sunday (June 9) - when we are encouraging all who haven't been baptized by immersion since receiving Jesus as their Savior to take that important discipleship step in their lives.

  • Youth Camp (June 10-14)

  • Father's Day (June 16) - when we will be honoring and appreciating birth fathers, stepfathers, "stand-in-the-gap" fathers and spiritual fathers.

  • Midpoint Camp (June 24-26)

Students attending our Youth and Midpoint Camps will have a great time as they connect with other students from our Celebration Campuses and they grow in their faith! If you have a student that would like to go to camp, you can register here. We are also fundraising to help students go to camp. If you would like to help a student go to camp, you can donate here.

This past Sunday at Celebration we began a new sermon series titled, THE WAY OF THE WISE. In this series we are learning from the Old Testament book of wisdom, Proverbs, wisdom principles that will enable us to make better choices which will lead to us experiencing God's best in our lives, circumstances and relationships. Be sure to join us either in-person or online for this series, and encourage your friends and family members to join in as well.

CCCS Registration CP

Registration is open for our 2024-2025 School Year at Crescent City Christian School for students 3 years - 12th grade, and for our CCCS Summer Camp for Children. We also have openings for children from 6 months of age through 3 years of age in both our Celebration Early Learning Center (2001 Airline Drive) and our Crescent City Christian Early Learning Center (2701 Transcontinental Drive). To learn more about these opportunities, go to or call 504.885.4700.

Thanks so much for being a part of what God is doing in and through the ministry of Celebration Church.

Pastor Dennis

Gratefully yours,

Pastor Dennis Watson
Lead Pastor, Celebration Church

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