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Justice and Unity Team of Celebration Church (JUTCC)

Our Mission: Under the umbrella of spiritual development, JUTCC works to empower Celebration Church to strategically address systemic issues that encourage societal injustices and inequities, such that the church family embraces and acts upon God's Kingdom values of righteousness, justice, and love (Psalm 89:14), thus glorifying God, unifying His people. and strengthening His church.

We will lead the way in our communities and among Christian churches in addressing and reversing injustices and inequities in our society so that we can have a godly and transformative impact on our world and better advance God's kingdom.

  1. Exalting Christ above all
  2. Acting in accordance with Scripture
  3. Affirming that ALL PEOPLE are created in the image of God AND afforded dignity
  4. Speaking the truth in love even in disagreement
  1. Act as an educational beacon of social, racial, and cultural awareness that leads the Church to understand why there has been so much racial division in our nation and world
  2. Guide improved relations among God’s people  
  3. Direct Celebration Church toward a continual NOLA presence as a partner with communities in advocating for quality of life for all. 
  4. Bring clarity to the Church’s responsibility in leading God’s people toward mending broken relationships and systems for the development of universal justice and equality.
  5. Support Celebration Church in being a model for other churches to follow in addressing systemic issues of racism and injustice and forging unity as God ordained.


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On July 15, we held our UNIFY Conference at Celebration. UNIFY was a conference about how to become better facilitators of Biblical justice and unity. The Conference was led by Pastor Jonathan Tremaine Thomas and Community and Ministry Leaders from our Region.

To visit some of the training provided at the UNIFY Conference, click on the button below.


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