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Upcoming Mission Trips

Costa Rica No.3ofw

  • Where:
    • Costa Rica with Phil/Gaby Triche
  • When:
    • September 21–28, 2023
  • Cost:
    • $600 for 12 yrs and older (does not include airfare, special promo with airfare included $1100)
  • Cost Includes:
    • Transportation to and from the airport and to ministry sites, Room and Board (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), and Mission Trip supplies.

Israel Ofw 600x600

  • Where:
    • Israel
  • When:
    • October 23 - November 2 (11 day trip)
  • Early Registration Cost:
    • $4,549 (which includes airfare, hotels, transportation, guides, exhibits, two meals a day etc.) from New Orleans (arrangements can be made for travel from other cities as well)

Mission Trip Info And Application (READ CAREFULLY)

Join one of our Mission Trips this year in fulfilling the Great Commission by going into the world and sharing God’s Word in every nation, tribe, people, and language. To get involved in global mission trips and initiatives and help others go to the nations visit

Requirements for mission trip participation

  • You must be currently active in Life Group. If you are not in a life group, you are not eligible to be a mission trip participant.
  • Youth will need approval from their Youth Pastor and Life Group Leader and must meet requirements set up by the Youth Ministry Team.
  • You must be currently living a Godly life, demonstrating faithfulness and fruitfulness by being involved in ministry to others.
  • You must have an up-to-date Passport – make sure it will not expire within 6 months of the start date of the mission trip.
    **If you do not have a Passport – apply NOW!
  • You are required to participate in all Mission Trip Training Classes.
  • You must turn in your Mission Trip Application, a copy of your Passport (or order yours NOW), and Reference Forms (one from your Life Group Leader and one from your Community Pastor) by the required date. (Required dates for each trip will be provided on a separate information sheet).
  • All payments must be turned in by the due date.
  • Non-Celebration Members will be considered on an individual basis.

This is a general application to start the process and to provide information about the procedures and what to expect. Approximately 2-3 months prior to leaving for the mission trip, we will provide the following information: deadlines to purchase airline tickets; flight information; deadlines to pay deposits and balances due; dates for training classes, and more details about the types of ministry you will be doing. APPLY BELOW


First, let us know if you are interested in a mission trip.


Please complete the appropriate form for you.

Celebration Church Missionaries

Tom Bilderback (New Orleans) –
Mark and PJ Broussard (Florida) –
Alexis Farrugia (Baton Rouge) –
Leroy and Carolyn Fountain (New Orleans) –
Israel and Francy Francois (Florida) –
John and Wendy Gerhart (New Orleans) –
Steve and Linette Horn (Louisiana) –
David and Cynthia Hassenboler (New Orleans) –
John and Kitty Hebert (Louisiana) –
Joseph and Emily Herrod (USA) – /
Jack and Jane Hunter (New Orleans) –
Richard and April Johnson (New Orleans) –
Don and Chris Jolissant (New Orleans) –
Marcio and Priscilla Lima (New Orleans) –
Joby and Beth Luca (New Orleans) – /
Paul and Barb Malinich (Pennsylvania) –
Keith and Wendy Manuel (Louisiana) –
Godwall and Ruth Martinez (Retired) –
Gene and Blanche Mills (Louisiana) –
Ralph and Ruth Neighbour, Jr (Houston) –
Corey and Lessie Olivier (New Orleans) –
Craig and Cindy Ratliff (Florida) –
Dan and Karen Reinhold (Houston) – /
George and Joy Ross (New Orleans) –
Jonathan and Jessica Sayles (New Orleans) –
Larry and Melanie Stockstill (Baton Rouge) –
Cornelius and Carolyn Tilton (New Orleans) –
Checkerz and Nicole Williams (Baton Rouge) –

Robert and Karyn Barriger (Peru) –
Randall and Yorleny Brenes (Costa Rica) –
Humberto and Melina Caldara (Costa Rica) –
Hans and Pamela Castellon (Honduras) –
Oscar and Rosibel Correa (Nicaragua)
Julio and Patty Contrearas (El Salvador) –
Richard and Beverly Felmey (Haiti) –
Steve and Pam Kern (El Salvador) –
Isaurys Lebron (Dominican Republic) –
Pedro de La Rosa (Dominican Republic) –
Roland and Tina Levasasseur (Costa Rica) –
Roberto Ley (Brazil) –
Regil and Milagro Media (Dominican Republic) –
Chris and Cindy Meilleur (Central America) –
Carlos and Marta Mina (Argentina) –
Nelson and Rosemary Rivas (Guatemala) –
Phil and Gaby Triche (Costa Rica) –
Eric and Melissa Weber (Nicaragua) –

Tim and Katiana Crowe (Israel) –
Anastasia Gerhart (England) –
Daphne, Andrew and Daniella Kirk (England) –

Cheryl Ann Batson (Zimbabwe) –
Aurora Castillo (Uganda)
Jones and Christie Chuks (Niger) –
Eddie and Monika Landry (Kenya) –
Kouami and Afi Midekor (Togo) –
Madison Ngafeeson (Cameroon) –
PF Moyo (Zimbabwe) –
Moses and Emily Odhiambo (Kenya) –
Jeff and Elizabeth Perry (Uganda) –
Gary and Marilyn Skinner (Uganda) –
Nedson and Lynne Shoko (Zimbabwe) –
Kristen Sullivan (South Africa) –
Adam and Cori Willard (Uganda) –

Surresh Gumma (Indonesia) –
Eddie and Rose Leo (Indonesia)
Roger O (China) –
David and Glory Pou (India) –

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